Outer Ringroad

Independence Day and Janmashtami – 2017

“You can buy anything for children, in the world but nothing will compare to the memories you make for them” – Anon
Both Independence Day and Janmashtami were celebrated on 11th August 2017. It is our endeavour to help our students see the importance of such days. The seeds of Patriotism and pride for one’s country has to be sown at an early age. Janmashtami is a much loved festival that reveres and celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna who was sent to overcome evil with goodness. Through song and dance our students were made to feel the importance of the day. The presence of grandparents brought in the warmth and magic of love.

Crazy Hair Day – 2017

Children love to look different and have fun. The Crazy Hair Day brought in both the fun element as well as the colourful element. The day gives parents a wonderful opportunity to be creative. Children with long hair had an advantage; however with attractive wigs in the market parents joined us in making this day a success with all their ideas.

Sing along with Moms – 2017

Music activates every subsystem of the brain. It is effective in creating bonds between individuals and contributes to the well-being of people throughout their lifespan.Making music with others gives children a wonderful feeling of belonging to the group. Children who might have difficulty joining activities with others because they are shy, have limited English ability or special needs, can freely participate when it comes to music activity. It enhances a child’s development of cognitive, emotional, and physical abilities. With this is mind we invited moms to an inter-active Sing-along Session which brought in a family feeling, warmth and the magic of love.
Undoubtedly the mind remembers language when it is set to music. Our senior little ones proved this with their confidence and rhythm. Our little ones were not far behind as they sang with gusto and enjoyment. The session was wrapped up with a photo framing activity. Watching nimble tiny fingers as they completed the task was gratifying.

First Field Trip – 2017

Our First Field trip was to our Main Campus. Our little ones were received with a lot of warmth by both the student and teacher community. They were pampered and made to feel important. They sang for the Chairman, Director and Principal. Their confidence and smartness was much appreciated. Ourlittles ones loved the experience.

Rainbow and Sunshine Day – 2017

“Life is like a Rainbow, you need the sun and the rain to make it colourful”.
On the onset of the monsoon season, everyone looks forward to the Rainbow and its colourful spectrum.
At the India International Pre-activity Centre ORR, we organized the “Rainbow and Sunshine Day” in school to welcome nature’s bounty. Children came up with the How and Why of the rainbow. The Rainbow craft, story and the innovative ideas to see the rainbow colours brightened their day. The smiling faces are a testimony to a day well spent at school.