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International Education with Indian Values

At Indian International School, we believe that our children have a natural inclination towards learning and we provide the best way to educate and tune them to achieve meaningful goals in their lives. We prepare our students to become independent learners, thinkers, and problem solvers.

Our definition of international-mindedness is the way of interacting equally with people from all cultures, nationalities, and religions. At Indian International School, we have inculcated interest and curiosity in our community that enables our students and teachers to appreciate not only the differences, but also our common humanity.


Our Curriculum

India International School is a world-class destination for truly holistic education. We know the importance of quality teaching supported by a spirited environment that encourages students to build confidence in their own abilities.

We invest in teachers who are life-long learners and engage in the best international school practices to provide an international curriculum. The academic programmes at India International School are delivered through concepts and various intelligence modules. Within a safe and nurturing environment, we help our students develop a genuine love for learning, sports, and achieve quality academic success.

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Our Infrastructure

A widespread 30 acres pristine campus with entire facilities required to cater to an internationally designed curriculum.


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India International School has been awarded the best IB School in Bengaluru by ELDROK INDIA Company on 17th July 2019.


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