Why IIS tops in Sarjapur, Bangalore

Importance of having a perfect school campus: Why IIS tops in Sarjapur, Bangalore?

Long after schooling is concluded and adult life takes over, the memories remain. Closest are images of the sunlit classrooms, green lawns, spacious infrastructure and the well kept libraries & labs. If these are the typical memories we recall, imagine the role a campus life plays for any child. The India International School in Sarjapur, Bangalore is popular for these very reasons.

In reality two things matter in schooling years: the enormous spaces to play and visually appealing lawns. They impact the ability of a child to absorb knowledge and gain confidence.

Significance of location and lawns

For a student, it is not just enough to have any place to study, learn or play sports. Space matters and that is why India International School located in Sarjapur, Bangalore is enhancing the performance of every child admitted for better education. A suitable environment offers the perfect setting for learning. A school away from the noise and pollution allow children to be taught in the best ways. As they are not distracted, their ability to pay attention in the class rises. During the recess or lunch breaks they can wander around and play in the lush lawns. Students in IIS currently enjoy the 30 acres of green acreage. Both day scholars and residential boarders appreciate the natural setting for interactive learning.

The combination of natural settings and sunlit classrooms are boosted by amenities allocated by the school management. They include internal lighting in every indoor space. Large blackboards for teachers and desks for students which improve the quality of instruction. Well stocked libraries, rooms for multi-purpose usage, lockers & storage space help students to remain organized.

Additional learning grounds

The lawns serve several purposes like sporting activities and events that take place in the premises. Being an important feature of the infrastructure, they add value to the overall beauty of the institution. It is a normal meeting ground for everyone to participate and enjoy. As children get different environments to grow their minds, the sprawling campus is a natural study area during exams.

When students gather there in the open grounds, the engagements are useful. The area:

1. Encourages a feeling of universal brotherhood amongst everyone.
2. Playing together fosters self confidence and team building.
3. Mental and physical skills improve with interaction outside classroom.
4. A co-ed school allows healthy relationships to develop between boys and girls.
5. All study and no play slows down motor skills and brain development. Hence, a campus with big green spaces offers relief from sitting in classroom for long periods.

Landscaped lawns and motivation to study

A competent administration and a landscaped education institution is motivational to teachers, staff, and the students. Children are more likely to attend regular classes in schools that are visually appealing with all amenities and facilities to complete the education. Many students drop out if the teaching, facilities, and playgrounds are not inspiring. The physical condition of any academic institution gives positive or negative vibes to children. Less number of teachers and students are absent in a school with decent and manicured lawns. Bangalore already boasts of pockets of beautiful gardens. A school like IIS in Sarjapur: a convenient location motivates children daily to study.

Developing young minds through academic and non-academic techniques

All parents can check out the highlights of the infrastructure with appropriate facilities. These include the essentials like:

  • Audio visual rooms
  • Sunlit and spacious classrooms
  • Courtyard and auditorium
  • Examination halls
  • Sports grounds for outdoor games like badminton, volleyball, basketball, and football
  • Indoor spaces for table tennis, dancing, and rehearsals

Building with care

A beautiful structure needs to be appropriate for the students according to their ages, height, and requirements. The junior section and high school sections are built with care keeping the needs of the children. Each class is welcoming to the teacher and students. The benches and desks are comfortable for sitting for long periods. The design is well thought out for students to study with a calm mindset.

Going beyond the brick walls and green fields

After all, any good school is not just known for its greenery or brilliant architecture. Its reputation is based on the curriculum and quality of teaching methods. India International School on Sarjapur Road scores also for improving interactive learning experiences. The beauty lies in the buildings where major part of studies is imparted. The school is proud to be accredited to ICSE, IBDP, and IGCSE education systems. Children get international education while retaining Indian values. The residential block allows boarders to stay in a safe and protected environment.

Visit our school where your child will enjoy studying and dream of a fabulous future. The campus invites budding minds who will be nurtured with care and right schooling systems. Long after they have left, there will be memories of selfies, friends sitting under the tree sharing lunchboxes.

International Education with Indian Values!

At IIS, we aim to fulfil child’s educational and development needs in a nurturing environment. Our team is happy to support you and answer all your queries related to the admission process.

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