Senior School Annual Day Celebrations

The 14th Annual Day of India International School was celebrated on 28th January 2017 and the Honourable Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court, Mr. Mukherjee presided over the program along with Dr. Gayethri Devi.

This is a day when our students put forth their talents and skills through the various performances. The theme for this year’s Annual Day was “NAVRASA” which means the Nine Emotions that characterize us as humans. Loosely defined, ‘Rasa’ is the essential flavour of an artistic work, which evokes an emotion or feeling in the reader or audience.

While such aesthetic talk may seem removed from reality, the emotions described centuries ago are those that still define us: Haasyam, Roudhram, Adbhutam, Bibastham, Karunam, Bhayanakkam, Veeram, Sringaram and Shantham .
These abstract states of mind and heart took shape and form through scintillating sound and spectacle. Every emotion was depicted through dances, songs and skits.

Our Principal, Dr Ratna Ghose presented the Annual report and meritorious students of all classes were awarded for general proficiency for their performances in class.

We had the privilege of listening to a parent of IB 12- Mrs. Ellathur, who spoke about her experience as a parent with IIS.

Beginning with an Invocation song and the State Song (Nadageetey) and ending with the Grand Finale and National Anthem, the entire program panned out to be a grand success and all credit goes to our students and staff for their continued hardwork and dedication.