Middle School Prgramme

The curriculum for the Middle School Prgramme covers English, Hindi/Kannada/French (Second Language), Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology (under Science), History & Civics, Geography (under the subject Social Science), Computer Studies and Art Education. Being the medium of institution (first language) the focus of English language learning at this stage is on oral and written expression, in a creative manner. This would help develop a sense of appreciation and critical vision for different forms of literature among children. The emphasis of Second Language learning at this stage is to hone the oral, aural and writing skills and develop an interest in the language and literature. The focus of Mathematics learning at this stage is to consolidate and expand the learning through problem solving techniques. Science at this stage branches out into Physics, Chemistry and Biology, so as to help children understand the issues and concerns of these areas. In Social Studies, two core areas, History & Civics and Geography, have been identified. The Computer Studies curriculum focuses on acquisition of knowledge and skills in ICT to enable students to use common software applications and technology to access and utilize information. The emphasis of Art Education at this stage is on the development of creative expression and expression through visual art forms. Art Education follows a theme based approach in this curriculum, wherein efforts have been made to provide suggestions or integration of Art Education with other curricula.

bjects to be studies at Middle School Level 

Classes VI – VIII

–         English

–         Second  Language  (ANY ONE)  –  (Hindi / Kannada / French)

–         Third Language (ANY ONE)       –  (Hindi / Kannada / French)

–         Mathematics

–         Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

–         Social Science (History, Civics and Geography)

–         Computer Studies

–         Arts Education

NOTE: In addition to the above, the following should also be taken.

– Physical Education, Yoga, Dance, Music
– Education in Moral & Spiritual Values
– Socially Useful Productive Work and Community Service (SUPW)

students playing