World heritage system using multiple intelligence methodology.

IIS provides quality and value based holistic education and creates an environment to face global challenges.

Our Curriculum
Our Research and Development Team is dedicated to creating exciting teaching resources and detailed curriculum and to the training of the teaching staff.
Our curriculum aims to develop the whole child, primarily focusing on children’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. The curriculum focuses on interactive learning and provides opportunities for sensorial and kinesthetic exploration through hands-on materials. It also facilitates active interactions to help children develop language, social and emotional skills.

Our Faculty

Wonder Kids has put together a team of strong and diligent teachers and curriculum programmers. Teacher plays an active role in facilitating the growth of a child by creating objectives for each activity. Goals and objectives of various areas of development are planned based on the individual needs of the child.

Our Infrastructure
At Wonder Kids we provide a safe and child friendly environment to welcome the child the way he/she is. In short, we create an environment that gives children a feeling of a home away from home, a place for them to know their little world.

All our classrooms are vibrant, learner friendly and act as resource centers to children.Our center has excellent facilities like sand play area , doll house, puppet theatre, water play area, a pantry and even child friendly washrooms.Our equipment is constantly updated and upgraded in order to implement the changes that occur in the curriculum.

Theory and Research
We incorporate Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory and Reggio Emilia’s approach towards childhood education. (Incorporate points from Waldorf Approach)

What is Unique About Wonder Kids?
Wonder Kids Programme is based on the multiple intelligences that children are born with and focuses on enhancing the social, emotional, physical and cognitive development of a child. The curriculum identifies the knowledge skills and concepts important for children to acquire like language, math, science and social studies.

Learning Goals
The 6 areas of learning are defined by ‘learning objectives’ that progress like stepping stones every week starting from age appropriate simple objectives and progress through various levels of challenge to achieve higher and higher learning progressively. These learning objectives ensure that the learning development for each child and knowledge goals are met. The ‘learning objectives’ also form the basis of assessments for internally mapping each child’s progress and feedback to parents.

Best of both worlds
By integrating the best global practices with the Indian context, our curriculum equips children to meet the changing societal needs of a global community.

Age cut off for Pre Activity Centre
Toddler >> 1.10 to 2.9 yrs
Pre K >> 2.10 to 3.9 yrs
Learning through doing
We believe that any kind of learning should be the outcome of the actual experience. Curiosity is encouraged and learning is always a fun-filled, exploratory process.

The curriculum is divided into “themes” that are carried across learning areas. Concepts are brought alive through auditory, visual and kinesthetic experiences that include activities, field trips and constant interaction. Taking the child through a concept each month, we ensure that each child transitions from a mover to a listener to a seeker in no time, thus nurturing their true potential. Our holistic learning methods, based around practical and sensory learning ensures that each child imbibes:

* Personal, Social and Emotional Development
* Communication, Language and Literary skills
* Fine Motor Skills
* Cognitive Development
* Creative Development
* Physical Development
* Academic Development
Knowledge and understanding of the world Giving your child, the best in everything, we have incorporated some unique features:
* Air-conditioned class rooms, with ample natural light
* Planned nutritious meals from our hygienic kitchen
* School owned transport (pickup & drop)
* Child development consultant
* Stringent safety measures
* Splash pool
* Reading room & Library

* Theatre & Puppet zone
* Doll house & Ball pool
* Computer lab
* Activity room
* Music room

School Brochure & Pamphlet‏

Contact Us:-

Kavitha Santosh
Centre Head
India International Preactivity Centre
349, 3rd Cross 8th A Main Road,
4th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore.

Email: iis.koramangala@gmail.com
Contact us at: 080 25534271, 9844504271