There is no furniture so charming as books. So, how can an institution of learning not house a library? After all, libraries are places where people and information come together. School libraries do not just support the student population. They also allow the faculty members to access relevant resources and tools which they otherwise may not know of or have access to. Moreover, with the evolution of technology, digital libraries have come into existence making knowledge even more readily accessible – at your fingertips. However, even in the midst of the quickening pace of technological change, the role of libraries remain immutable. A school library brings with itself a great many benefits –

IIS believes that an on-campus library is integral to the teaching and learning process. Our library is stocked with books of academic interests, newspapers, journals, research papers, and various question papers from the previous years that assist the students in their academic preparations.

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At IIS, we aim to fulfil child’s educational and development needs in a nurturing environment. Our team is happy to support you and answer all your queries related to the admission process.

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