Science is not simply a subject but permeates through all of life. Therefore, simply theoretical study will never suffice. Understanding science and its concepts require practical knowledge. Only when a child is able to look past their conventional teaching and books are they able to grasp science and its functionality in all its glory. The introduction of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) curriculum of education is imperative to a child’s understanding of natural sciences as it provides them with real-life situations to learn from. Effectual teaching and learning of science, therefore, can best take place in a laboratory. Children are not only able to relate what was taught in the classroom but their retention of such knowledge also increases when they see experiments being performed right in front of their eyes.

Moreover, children are able to think deeply about the theories and concepts they were taught in class through their practical application. It’s like the entire theory just comes to life and holds new meaning to them. Lab experiments also improve a child’s reasoning abilities. It is through such experiments that children develop an interest in scientific research and later end up making significant contributions in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and other streams of science.

IIS believes in nurturing a child’s inner researcher and scientist through well-stocked laboratories. Our labs are used for imparting knowledge in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, English (ESL), and Mathematics. All the necessary chemicals, specimens and instruments are available in adequate quantities to ensure that every student gets to carry out individual experiments. Experienced and qualified teachers oversee and guide the students in their experiments. Every child’s safety while handling chemicals and carrying out experiments is duly taken care of.

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