Isn’t it simply amazing how food was not merely meant to satisfy bodily hunger but also holds the power to satisfy our soul’s hunger for communion when enjoyed with others? How many souls have bonded over a simple meal! The canteen, then, becomes a compelling inclusion to any school campus. A hygienic environment and nutrition-dense food are the two prime requisites for a school canteen.

It often happens that children, during the morning rush hours, come to school without having sufficient breakfast. Moreover, on some days the parent may find it challenging to even pack a wholesome lunch. This is especially the case with families where both the parents are working. Furthermore, children today are more likely to eat meals in front of a television screen which further reduces their appreciation for the food and the people they share it with. The school canteen is instrumental in instilling children with a reverence for the food they eat. There’s a reason why mealtime is considered sacred. Since children spend a good chunk of their day in schools, ensuring that their bellies are filled with food that meets their dietary requirements is crucial to their growth, development, and concentration in classes. Irregular meal cycle can lead to various health issues – anaemia, obesity, lower metabolism, impaired mental focus – chiefly in the long run.

We at IIS believe that health is not to be trifled with. Our canteen’s sanitary environment and the fresh, delicious, and healthful menu are sure to cater to the dietary needs of children of all ages. The canteen not only serves as a place to learn healthy eating habits but also plays an important part in building companionships.

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