IIS Fee Policy

The School Fee is applicable for the academic year commencing June to March of the following year

The school fees consist of :-
1. Application Fees
2. One time Admission fee (Non-refundable)
3. Tuition Fees – for 3 terms

Other Charges: Uniform, Shoes, Books, Stationary, Examination Fees, (applicable for Grade 10 & 12) Field Trips and other Extra Curricular activities will be charged at actuals.

Optional Fees: Hostel Fees, Food & Transportation

While submitting the admission documents the Application Fee and One time Admission fee (Non-refundable) to be remitted for blocking and confirming the admission. On confirmation, term fees accordingly to be remitted by the stipulated date.

For continuing students for the next academic session the first term fees to be remitted prior to proceeding for the summer break.


The day scholar students opting for transportation have to pay ‘Transportation Fee’ as prescribed from time to time subject to the distance. Increase in the Transportation Fee due to increase in fuel price will be recovered from students as and when such increase occurs.

Payment of Fees: The fee remitting schedule per term is as follows :

1st Installment   – on or before 15th February
2nd Installment – on or before 05th August
3rd Installment   – on or before 05th November

Fees paid after the due date will attract a penalty of Rs. 100/- per day.

Mode of Payment: Online bank transfer / Cheques / Demand Draft.

Payment should be in favour of “INDIA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL”

Online Bank details

Bank Name Vijaya Bank,  Outer Ring Road, Bellandur Branch, Bangalore
Current A/c No. : 149100301000011
Bank Code 029
Branch Code 1491
IFSC Code VIJB0001491
MICR Code 560029106

There will be an annual increase of school fees (8-10%) to deal with escalating running cost.


If a day scholar is withdrawn from school, during the mid of the academic session, fees for the entire term will have to be remitted. Similarly if a boarder is withdrawn, the hostel fees and school fees to be paid in full.


1. TCs will be issued on written application applied on or before 15th February against a fee of Rs. 500/-. No student, whose fee remains unpaid in full / in part, will be allowed to appear for any level of board exam, until the outstanding fee is received. No internal examination results, reports, Transfer Certificates or recommendations to future schools/colleges will be issued to the student or parent.

2. Students converting from Boarding to Day Boarding should do so at the end of a semester. Students converting from Boarding to Day Boarding in the middle of the semester shall have to pay boarding fee for the full semester.

3. Refund if any, will be paid after obtaining clearance certificate and after one month from the last day of the student attending school.

4. In case, a student has paid a security deposit during the admission and has discontinued before Grade 10, the security deposit will not be refunded.

SIBLING DISCOUNT : A 10% discount will be offered on the younger sibling’s school fee which will be applicable on the last term fees payable.

Disclaimer: India International School-Bangalore has put in place policies & regulations necessary for effective functioning of the school. The school reserves the right to amend its policies and fee structure whenever considered necessary and appropriate. The interpretation of any of these policies by the school is final.


Declaration to be signed by the Parents / Guardian Date:

I Mr. / Mrs. …………………………………………………. Parent/Guardian of ……………….……….. admitted in Grade ………… for the academic year……………………….have gone through the fee structure and the related fee policy as above. The terms that are stated there in the two documents are accepted and I shall pay the fees as per the school fee structure and fee policy to the school in time. I also agree to pay the fees due that are amended from time to time.

Parent’s Signature: ___________________________________________