Crazy Hair Day & Story Telling Session – July 2017

Independence Day & Grandparents Day – 2017

Sing Along With Moms – 2017

The sing-along session with moms creates a family atmosphere that brings the entire fraternity together. With moms singing along the ‘newbies’ gained a lot of encouragement and the output was delightful. The moms and the teachers helped the little ones decorate photo frames.

Friendship day – 2017

A only way to have a friend is to be one. Friendship starts with a smile and encourages you to share. We celebrated Friendship Day for our students to bond with other little ones in class. The activity that allowed them to make friendship bonds was a success as they tied these on the wrists of their friends! We hope that this ties them together in the days to come.
The story session for the day was based on friendship. It was well organized by ‘Fundooda Book Club’. The session brought out the good qualities of a friend.

First Field Trip – 2017

The little ones from IIS Koramangala made their first field trip of this session to our main campus on 7th July, 2017. They met their Principal and their Chairman and greeted them with their own hand-made crafts. They sang a few rhymes & songs with gusto and confidence. They visited all the various departments and enjoyed their to and fro travel on the as well!

Rainbow & Sunshine Day – 2017

Life is a rainbow as one needs both the sun and the rain for colours to appear. 14th July created colourful moments as our little ones celebrated the vibrance of colours through Rainbow Day. The school was decked to look like a rainbow! All were dressed in the colours of the rainbow to herald the joy of learning. Various rainbow-based activities were conducted and the one that was most enjoyed was the ice-candy painting.
The highlight of the day was a lovely rainbow themed puppet show organized by the IIS team, with a message that stressed that each creation of God has its unique importance, quality and place in the world. There is a rainbow in every child that is waiting to shine. A rainbow is a promise of a colourful life full of hope.