Curriculum (ICSE)

India International School is affiliated to the ICSE, New Delhi.


The Ethos of the Council

• Trust and Fair Play
• Minimum Monitoring
• Allow Schools to evolve own niche – Progressive Institutions
• Needs of the children – Renew their objectives
• Freedom to experiment with new ideas and practices
• The schools must continuously evolve – ‘You won’t skid if you stay in a rut’
• Diversity and Plurality – The basic strength of evolution of ideas
• Schools must motivate pupil towards the cultivation of Indian morals
• Excellence – The Indian experience
• Values – Spiritual and Cultural – to be the Bed Rock of the educational experience
• Schools to have ‘Indian Ethos’ and strong roots in the National Psyche. Be sensitive to national aspirations

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, Delhi is the premier educational Board in the country.

It holds an annual examination known as the Indian Certificate for Secondary Education (ICSE) examination for the X Grade students

The Council Mission
The council for the Indian School Certificate Examination is committed to serving the nation’s children, through

high quality educational endeavors, empowering them to contribute towards a humane, just and pluralistic society, promoting introspective living, by creating exciting learning opportunities, with a commitment to excellence.


The ICSE curriculum prepares the child for higher studies and competitive exams ICSE’s flexibility allows the student to opt for subjects of his / her interest. ICSE standards give the student an edge over their counterparts in higher studies.

The marks are complemented by compulsory project work that requires the students to explore the subject and write his or her own understanding of it.

It is very essential that we move with the times and our decision to follow ICSE curriculum is one such step in this direction.

At the primary level, the ICSE gives the choice of text books and methodology to the predilection of the individual schools.

The ICSE Examination is administered by the council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations,New Delhi.

The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education has been designed as a Course of General Education and all candidates are required to enter and sit for six subjects and SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work).

This Examination pre-supposes a school course of ten years duration. Part One – Compulsory


* Candidates of Indian Nationality are offered either Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu.

* Candidates of other Nationalities are offered either Hindi or French *
Pass Certificate will be awarded to candidates who obtain pass standard in five subjects which must include the subject English.

A pass in the Second Language is compulsory to present the candidate for the Plus Two ISC Examination.
A Pass Certificate and a statement of Mark will be issued to all successful candidates.

NOTE ON THE THIRD LANGUAGE (applicable from class V to VIII)

The candidates who offer Hindi as a Second Language in the External Examination
will have to offer an Indian Language as the Third Language, approved by the Council.

The candidates who offer an Indian Language, other than Hindi, as the Second Language
for the External Examination, will have to offer Hindi or any other Indian Language as the Third Language.



The compulsory papers will only be English, a second Language and History, Civics and Geography.
The Subjects under Group II and III are optional and the candidate has the option to choose three subjects from group II alone or from III and taken together.

However, * The School offers- Mathematics / Economics and Science / Commerce as subjects under Group II*. The Group III – Computer Applications Pass certificate will be awarded to those candidates who have obtained Pass standard in Five major subjects. There will be Project Work in all the subjects chosen and weighting is 20% for all the subjects i.e. English, Second Language, History, Geography, Mathematics, Computer Applications, the Sciences, Economics, and Commerce Studies.